I met this girl who is only in Miami for two weeks and is from Montreal.  We spent the day together discussing art and music and poetry and it was honestly one of the best days I’ve had with someone in a long time.  We went to Wynwood and got free coffee and we also went to Miracle Mile where we found this cute little French cafe and it was just really nice.

I really enjoy connecting with people on a very intimate level like that where you instantly feel very comfortable and have many of the same interests.  She sent me one of her short stories that she’s working on so that I can read it and give her my feedback and I’m currently doing that.  I instantly fell for her in a friend way.  It’s a shame she’s leaving this week.

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The Dance of Reality // Alejandro Jodorowsky // 2013


The Dance of Reality (2013) by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Marcel the Shell is back after all these years and I am so happy.  

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I asked her what she felt most guilty about, and she said: “I can’t say it, because it will make me cry. And I don’t like people to see me cry.” I told her that was fine and changed the subject, but after a few minutes she typed it out on her phone, and handed it to me:

"When I was eleven years old, I got in a fight with my twin brother and told him that he was going to die before me because he had a brain tumor."

"Is he still alive?" I asked.

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Nigeria’s Nollywood By Pieter hugo. Pictures of the Nigerian film industry.

see the serie Hienas by pieter hugo

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Luis Camnitzer - The Photograph (1981)


The Screenshot (2014)

The Reblog (2014)

Bahahahaha love this

The Unnecessary Comment (2014)

The Comment on the Unnecessary Comment (2014)

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waxahatchee // bathtub

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I got called a pretty boy yesterday and I feel like it was meant as an insult but nobody has ever called me a pretty boy before so I’m kind of happy about it?!??

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“I’ve written so many stories and novellas that nobody will look at, plays that I can’t get produced, screenplays that will never be made. Everything is so branded these days in the art world, it’s so hard for an outsider to get work.”

“In what way would you consider yourself an ‘outsider?’”

“I’m interested in failure, so those are the themes that I like to explore. But we live in a society that celebrates triumphalism. A society wants art that reaffirms itself. We want to read about characters that win.” 
“What was your lowest moment as an artist?”
“I worked on a screenplay for two years, and it had just been turned down by the fifth theater in a month, and I remember walking down 5th avenue in the middle of winter, tossing the pages one by one into the slush, vowing never to do it again. It was just a few blocks from here, actually.”